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Re: [Geiser-users] Re-evaluation fails when embedding Geiser into Racket

From: Mikhail Maluyk
Subject: Re: [Geiser-users] Re-evaluation fails when embedding Geiser into Racket program
Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 01:30:49 +0600

Hi Jose, 

Sorry if i'm being dense, but what's exactly the purpose of this module?
How are you running Geiser? (this is not one of the ways of doing it :))

Np, my bad, i should have first explained what i am doing. I'm writing a racket based x11 window manager, and trying to embed geiser into it to make development more incremental-like. And the module above is just a simplified illustration of the issue i've stumbled upon.
If you want to use a racket process running outside emacs, see
bin/ for an example of how to start it (and then you
need to use M-x connect-to-racket).

Yeah, that's what i'm doing, executing hello.rkt like this:

racket -i -t hello.rkt

Then connect-to-racket using port 9999.
My guess is that you're not connected to a properly intialized geiser
process, or loading world.rkt before geiser, so that the latter does not
have time to setup things properly before world.rkt is compiled by the
Racket process.

Hm, it works well with evaluating new things and introspection, but redefining things gives the above error. I'd expect such behaviour if (compile-enforce-module-constants) returned #t, but it returns #f and still gives the error. May it be not geiser related but racket itself, what do you think?


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