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Re: [Geiser-users] geiser-mode won't load for .scm files in guile scheme

From: Vlad Kozin
Subject: Re: [Geiser-users] geiser-mode won't load for .scm files in guile scheme project
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 22:18:15 -0400

Interesting. I've been etagging scheme code to use with M-x find-tag. It sometimes gets stuff wrong but otherwise doesn't seem to require that project compiles. I suppose geiser approach should produce a more reliable and fine-grained result. Unfortunately, I'm just trying to explore some old repo with plenty of scheme files which I have no idea how to compile, nor do I want to investigate :) 

This could actually be a feature. Fallback on find-tag in TAGS file if geiser-edit-symbol-at-point fails to find one. What do you think?

Vlad Kozin <address@hidden>

On Oct 31, 2013, at 8:18 PM, Jose A. Ortega Ruiz wrote:

On Thu, Oct 31 2013, Vlad Kozin wrote:

C-c C-k produces a bunch of compilation mistakes. Would failure to
compile prevent symbol lookup?

Indeed.  Symbols are located by asking the scheme interpreter where
they're defined (emacs itself is not performing any lookup on the text
or anything of the sort): if their definition was not successful, they
cannot be found...

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