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[Geiser-users] Geiser and MIT/GNU Scheme

From: craven
Subject: [Geiser-users] Geiser and MIT/GNU Scheme
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 17:48:22 +0200
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Hello Geiserati!

I've been playing around with geiser and MIT/GNU Scheme, and have come
up with the code attached.

It does the following on MIT/GNU Scheme:
- support for a REPL
- support for autodoc
- support for completion
- support for modules (though the environments in MIT/GNU Scheme are not
  exactly modules :-/)
- partial support for M-. *if* the function is compiled and the sources
  are in the same place as the compiled files, or the sources are a part
  of the default MIT/GNU Scheme (and geiser-mit-source-directory is set
  correctly in Emacs).

There's still a lot missing, and some things might not work perfectly,
but my playing around with it seems to mostly work.

Would anyone be kind enough to try this, and comment on it? It'd be
great if MIT/GNU Scheme would become one of geiser's supported systems.

The only changes I made to existing geiser files was adding the
autoloads for `run-mit' and `switch-to-mit'.

Thanks for any comments and suggestions on how to improve this :)


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