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Re: [Ghm-discuss] Main Topic for 2012

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [Ghm-discuss] Main Topic for 2012
Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2012 11:15:54 +0200
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    I doubt that it makes any sense to spend resources on yet another
    kernel, which has a couple of design problems.  The Hurd is still an
    important research object.

Well, Linux will be eventually replaced with something else.

Funny enough, the replacement I am expecting to appear sooner or later
is not a sophisticated and complex kernel such as the Hurd, but some
lightweight and simple Unix-like kernel oriented to multi-processor
systems and distributed under a modified BSD like license (no copyleft).

Of course it will be funded by some big company wanting to kill the GPL,
such as Apple, and will use the same "marketing" strategies used to
promote the gcc->llvm, firefox->chrome or apache->nginx transitions:
simpler, lightweight, easier to use/hack, and the poor developers are
not "abused" by the GPL.  Moreover, it is Apple/Google/whatever!

Jose E. Marchesi
GNU Project    

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