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Re: [Ghm-discuss] GHM in India

From: srikar
Subject: Re: [Ghm-discuss] GHM in India
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2019 04:57:30 +0530
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Thanks for clarification. Let's initiate poll and I would be happy to organize 
event at our college.  

On 26 June 2019 00:55:47 GMT+05:30, Darshit Shah <address@hidden> wrote:
>For the first edition of a GHM in India, I would recommend polling
>existing GNU
>maintainers and contributors to see which location would be the most
>for the majority of them to attend.
>* Srikar Arepalli <address@hidden> [190625 06:44]:
>> > > There are several aspects to organising GHM.
>> > > 
>> > > 1.  You need to find an auditorium - it need not be fancy, but
>> > > somewhere with
>> > > an overhead projector and enough seats for everyone.   So this
>> > > whereever it is must be booked well in advance.
>> We have a big auditorium capable of accommodating 500 participants,
>> with good projector and sound system. Are you aiming for more than
>> participants? Along with it we have mini seminar halls and classrooms
>> equipped with projectors and speakers.
>Woah woah, hold your horses. A GHM is usually a small and intimate
>event. You
>should be looking at around 30-35 attendees. Small seminar halls /
>would work just about fine for such an event.
>> > > 
>> > > 2.  You need to make arrangements for somewhere for people to eat
>> > > sleep - either make sure that everyone can get a hotel that suits
>> > > them,
>> > > or (better) if it can be in the same establishment as the
>> > > then it's easier for all concerned.
>> There are guest rooms for speakers inside the campus. But I need to
>> how many of them can be accommodated.
>Remember, a GHM is not an event where you have a distinct separation
>speakers and attendees. Ideally, every attendee contributes to the
>event by
>speaking about something or the other.
>Not being able to accommodate all attendees would be okay as well.
>People can
>always find their own accommodations as well. But it would be very
>helpful to
>make arrangements for a group lunch / dinner for everybody.
>> > > 
>> > > 3.  Having made those arrangements, you will need to announce GHM
>> > > sufficient time in advance.  Remember people will have to book
>> > > flights etc.
>> > > Promoting the event can be one of the most time consuming
>> > > It's also important that you keep everyone updated after they
>> > > registered.
>> > > 
>> > > 4.  You will need to keep a list of everyone who has registered,
>> > > attend,
>> > > and (if applicable) paid their money.
>> Student members of VGLUG can volunteer for the event and help you.
>As John mentioned, a GHM is not a large event that will require too
>volunteers. Most attendees can take care of themselves. You don't need
>to spend
>any extra money on banners / flyers or printed schedules. Although it
>important to have 1-2 people who take full responsibility of the event
>and are
>living in the same region as where the event is taking place.
>> > > 5.  In the past, we have offered financial assistance to people
>> > > cannot otherwise attend.    Applications must be considered,
>> > > approved etc.
>> It will help students, if not completely free, atleast giving them
>> discount might attract more students.
>Ideally, a GHM involves very minimal costs that need to be recovered
>from the
>attendees. A GNU Hackers' Meet is an event to foster community binds
>existing GNU maintainers and contributors. So, attracting people not
>involved within GNU is not an important criteria.
>Of course, we would like to make it possible for more contributors to
>irrespective of their financial situations. So such assistance should
>mostly go
>towards making sure that they can attend the meet.
>> > > 
>> > > 6.  You will need to organise the talks.  Who is talking about
>> > > and
>> > > for how long?
>> VGLUG volunteers/Student volunteers can help you.
>> Can I know theme of talks, will they be of help to undergraduate and
>> graduate students?
>There is no specific theme to the talks.
>* It could be something to do with the social or philosophical aspects
>of GNU.
>* A new project someone is hacking on that they want to share with the
>* An update to an existing project that the contributor thinks deserves
>* A call for action on some subject that is important to GNU.
>It really could be anything. The talks however would not generally be
>towards an arbitrary audience. Instead, they're made for consumption by
>existing contributors to GNU software.
>And oh, I'm not sure if John has mentioned this in his previous mail,
>but you
>should also try to ensure that the talks are recorded and shared
>publicly at a
>later date for others to watch.
>Thanking You,
>Darshit Shah
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