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Re: [Gm2] running gm2 on ubuntu-i386

From: Norayr Chilingarian
Subject: Re: [Gm2] running gm2 on ubuntu-i386
Date: Sun, 06 Mar 2011 21:54:15 +0400
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would like to test(play) it on Linux, but it seems there are only wintel
binaries, and no sources
pity :)
any clue how to contact the author?

On 03/06/11 20:14, jose ramon mazaira wrote:
> You're absolutely right. I've found the translator at
> .
> In fact, the only reason I have to search for this translator is
> because, unfortunately, pascal (not to mention C) has had a much more
> wide audience and applications than m2, although I personally prefer
> (and use much more intensively) m2. So when I need to use a numerical
> library written in pascal I find more easy to compile my project in
> pascal. Perhaps this has been the reason because some 'oldies' like
> fortran have had so much use.
> 2011/3/6, Norayr Chilingarian <address@hidden>:
>>>> do you plan to release an open-source
>>>> translator from Modula-2 to Oberon or Object Pascal?
> Why do you need one?
> Modula-2 is a very beautiful language, for me it's nice to have
> possibility to write code in M2 instead of writing in Pascal.
> I like M2 more than what we now call "object pascal".
> And glade3 provides relatively simple ways to build GTK+ applications,
> if GUI is considered.
> Besides, Wirth himself designed his languages without backwards
> compatibility, i. e. M2 is unable to compile Wirth's Pascal source code,
> and Oberon is unable to compile M2 code.
> Because very often in order to do a good design it is necessary to not
> be compatible with previous versions. C++ did another way, Straustrup
> was trying to keep compatibility with C. However, he didn't fully
> succeed, and, I don't know anyone who uses g++ to compile plain C.
> There's gcc for that :)
> So, what am I talking is that I've read that at the time Wirth designed
> M2 he also prepared Pascal -> Modula-2 converter, and after he designed
> Oberon, he prepared Modula-2 -> Oberon converter.
> May be it makes sense to search in the internet(s) in order to find
> something like that. But M2->Pascal converter is not reasonable, I
> think. I remember there was a guy, in the comp.lang.modula-2, who have
> been written a M2 to fpc converter, so he can write in M2 and compile
> the resulting code with fpc.
> Right now it's not necessary, we have GM2 which is a very nice peace of
> work by itself.
> Sincerely,
> Norayr Chilingarian
> ---
> On 03/06/11 07:44, jose ramon mazaira wrote:
>>>> First of all, I'd like to thank you your effort in building a high
>>>> quality, open-source, modula-2 compiler.
>>>> I've also installed it and I've been able to run it finally without
>>>> problems. Before that, I experienced some trouble that I've solved
>>>> successfully, so I hope that my experience can be useful for potential
>>>> users. The trouble I had was related to the ranlib library, which is
>>>> part of the binutils package. The compiler complained that an library
>>>> file (.a) was missing.The only thing I did was to upgrade to the most
>>>> recent version of binutils (2.20.51).
>>>> I think that a link to Modulipse IDE in your page could be useful for
>>>> potential users.
>>>> I have an additional question: do you plan to release an open-source
>>>> translator from Modula-2 to Oberon or Object Pascal?
>>>> Thank you very much.
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