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[Gnash-dev] Loading external movies

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Loading external movies
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 23:39:57 +0200

I've been cleaning up the testsuite dirs and am trying to
figure out how to generally handle loading of external

Under testsuite/misc-ming.all you can run the 'moviecliploader_tests'
rule to generate (if you do have Ming-0.3.0 installed) two
.swf files:


The former loads swf movies using absolute urls, the latter
using relative urls. Except from the center image which is
not loaded being a jpeg rather then an swf, the other two
work fine as far as you run gnash from within the same
directory containing them.

If you run gnash from another directory, the
moviecliploader_test_relative.swf file will fail
to work, as the "relative" url is not resolved.

I've equipped the movie_definition with an _url 
member, so we now have all the information we need
to resolve the url. Nonetheless, doing this manually 
might not be a good idea since we really want to support
different protocols and not local files only.

Currently, the MovieClipLoader class uses the nanohttp
package in the XML lib, but there's already a comment
about using a more general class for it:

// TODO: http and sockets and such ought to be factored out into an
// abstract driver, like we do for file access.

What we do for file access is using the tu_file, which is
part of the GameSWF inherited stuff. tu_file is currently
used trough an adapter for reading compressed files.
Do you think we should continue to use it by making another
adapter for network streams ?
If it sounds good, should we use libcurl for the adapter
implementation ? 


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