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Re[2]: [Gnash-dev] Backend redesign done / AGG near completion

From: Udo Giacomozzi
Subject: Re[2]: [Gnash-dev] Backend redesign done / AGG near completion
Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 17:45:32 +0200

Hello Rob,

Saturday, October 7, 2006, 4:08:15 PM, you wrote:
RS> I just checked in the new backend and gui files. Are you planning on
RS> checking in the rest today ?

Did that a few moments ago.

RS> What other Makefile or config changes do you need ?

render_handler_tri is now required for all non-AGG backends. I
commited a change to, see

I just checked if the OpenGL/SDL backend still works (using the
compatibility layer). Strangely it displays the movie upside-down!?
Can somebody confirm this?

At the moment I can see no reason why the compatibility layer (or any
of my changes) should be the problem.

Will further inspect it...

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