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[Gnash-dev] Re: Nokia maemo-developers list flash woes

From: Martin Guy
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Re: Nokia maemo-developers list flash woes
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 14:22:40 +0000

Sorry, I was lazy. Here are the relevant sections:

2006/11/20, Tommi Komulainen <address@hidden>:
On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 18:26 +0000, ext Simon Moore wrote:
> I don't suppose there is an updated flashplayer anywhere? 7 or better
> (or source code to compile one).  All I can find is pre-compiled .SO
> for x86 Linux (7 and 9beta).
> On that note are there any plans to update Opera in future OS
> releases? - I checked with Opera and they say only Nokia can release
> updates to Opera on Nokia 770 (i.e. you can't buy an upgrade).

Unfortunately we do not generally discuss future products or product
features in the public, sorry. The exception being components developed

So there!

2006/11/21, Simon Moore <address@hidden>:
Having real issues with Opera crashing (just closes itself)
particularly with Flash movies - which makes it a nightmare to
develop serious web apps for it (doesn't support everything we need
for good AJAX either!).

Not quite sure how to diagnose what causes the problem it seems
random, even occurs on trivial web pages.

Do others have closing/crashing browser issues too?

It amazes me a web tablet can be released with such a dated buggy
(proprietary) web browser, a dated flash player and no admitted plans
to offer upgrades to either (as far as I can make out the browser and
flash player are still the same from IT2005).

Which means the Nokia 770 is really no more than a toy and can't be
used seriously by businesses wanting a cheap mobile tablet to access
their corporate web applications (a rapidly expanding market,
demonstrated by things like the blackberry).

Which just underlines the need for Gnash.

2006/11/21, Simon Moore <address@hidden>:
At 14:08 20/11/2006, Martin Guy wrote:
>A new alpha release of Gnash, the free flash player, was released two
>days ago, with mozilla/firefox and konqueror and opera plugins and a
>stand-alone player too. It's not complete yet and has bugs, but can
>play a lot of flash content. No videos yet...
>It just needs someone to compile it for Maemo.
>    M

Thanks for that I will give it a go, although I don't hold out much
hope of it being good enough for what I am doing.

2006/11/21, Martin Guy <address@hidden>:
The gnash plugin runs as a separate process, so it should not take the
browser out if it dies.


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