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[Gnash-dev] Memory allocation model?

From: Michael Meier
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Memory allocation model?
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 17:25:35 +0100
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Is there any documentation about the memory management model in gnash?

Right at the moment I don't understand when I have to take care of
deleting an object like an as_value or an object inherited from
as_object and when I don't have to.

e.g. following code:
(as I am working on the split method in server/asobj/String.cpp)
        tu_string_as_object* this_string_ptr = (tu_string_as_object*) 
        as_array_object* array = new as_array_object();
        as_value* val = new as_value();
        tu_string *tustr = new tu_string(this_string_ptr->m_string);

I am allocating a new as_array_object, a new as_value and a new
tu_string. Then I am setting the AS value of val to the string stored in
*tustr. This is not copying the string, just pointing to it? Or is it
already incrementing a reference count - if reference counts exist.
Then I am pushing the as_value onto the array - is this also only
creating a pointer/reference?
Finally I set the result and return from the function.

Is this code correct? Is there a need to do something with the objects
pointed to by array, val and tustr or will they be taken care of by
other code?


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