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[Gnash-dev] non-conformance to HTTP standards

From: Eric Hughes
Subject: [Gnash-dev] non-conformance to HTTP standards
Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 12:25:21 -0600


This is more of a notice that a request for guidance. Feel free to chime in, though, if you care to.

I've been working on the parsers for HTTP. I've found what I consider something completely harebrained in the HTTP/1.1 standard, so I decided to violate it. You may find full details here:

To summarize, according to standards, a GET request cannot have a relative URL reference, which makes the following example malformed: GET /software/gnash/tests/flvplayer2.swf?file=http://localhost:4080/software/gnash/tests/lulutest.flv HTTP/1.1 I've got to imagine that these kinds of requests are generated all the time, and it seems screw-loose to reject them.


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