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Re: [Gnash-dev] Testcases needed for html edittext

From: Udo Giacomozzi
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Testcases needed for html edittext
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 22:10:09 +0200

Hello dolphinling,

Wednesday, May 23, 2007, 9:49:13 AM, you wrote:
d> So does anyone know where I could find out what the proprietary player does
d> with, say, an unclosed <i> tag, or misnested tags, like 
d> <i>text<b>text</i>text</b> ?

Flash ignores bogus closing tags. So your code equals to:


d> If there's nowhere online already, I'd be happy to make up a big list of 
d> to be tested (this would be a VERY big list... it's amazing how many ways 
d> can be invalid). However, I'd need someone else to make the actual tests and 
d> them, since I don't know how to use any swf creation software.

Strk (Sandro Santilli) can help you using Ming for this purpose.
Or use the attached movie.

d> A small sample of the TYPES of things I'd need tested:

d> <i unfinished tag</i>

aaa<i  unfinished tag</i>bbb
shows only "aaa"

d> <i>unclosed i element

as above, shows the text in italic

d> <i>mis-<b>nested</i> tags</b>

had this one already...

d> <i><b>unclosed element inside closed element</i> more text

the text is *all* italic and bold

d> <a href="";><li>list in a hyperlink</li></a>

hyperlink works, and bullet is shown

d> <a href=>unquoted attribute with
d> non-alphanumeric chars</a>

nothing shown

d> <i>close tag for non-open element</b></i>

the </b> is simply ignored

d> <xx>invalid element</xx>

the tags are not being shown and have no effect (ie. identical to just
"invalid element"

d> <i><xx>invalid element in italics</xx></i>
d> <xx><i>italics in invalid element</i></xx>

again, <xx> is ignored.

I add some more...

- all of these work:

first line<br>second line
first line<br/>second line
first line<br />second line

- font color

aaa<font color="#ff0000">red</font>zzz

"red" is shown in red color

aaa<font color="ff0000">red</font>zzz
aaa<font color="red">red</font>zzz

"font" tag is being ignored (text in one single color)

aaa<font color=#ff0000>red</font>zzz

only "aaa" is shown

aaa<font color="red" face="Arial">red</font>zzz

The middle part "red" is shown in "Arial" font, but in normal color

aaa<font size="+1">foo</font>zzz

Font tag is ignored.

aaa<font size="-100">foo</font>zzz

"foo" is *not* visible (looks like "aaa zzz").

aaa<p align="center">foo</p>zzz

Looks like:
(all left-aligned)


</p> is being ignored


shows a list with two items

This should be added to the Wiki...


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