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AW: [Gnash-dev] Minor configure fix; icon and wiki issues; movie/video i

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: AW: [Gnash-dev] Minor configure fix; icon and wiki issues; movie/video issues.
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 12:04:33 +0000 (GMT)


> When I follow the link from to
>, I get an odd page ("Fedora TV Beta"), which doesn't
> actually play video using the CVS gnash I just installed. 

I have found this a couple of times too when trying to access; it 
seems to be a faulty set up on the gnashdev server since it comes and goes 

> While the video is playing, if I pop up the Gnash menu and click
> on
> to disable sound, it keeps right on making sound.

Disabling sound doesn't work for video stream sounds (it is a known bug), but 
should mute all other sounds without any problem.
> As an aside, we call the Flash thing a "Movie" in our user
> interactions.  But users see the Flash script as nothing; as part
> of the background infrastructure; they'll think the "movie" is the
> video.  When I pick "Movie Control -> Pause", the screen stops
> updating, but the sound keeps right on playing.

Same problem; libmedia needs attention.

> The "File > Properties" menu brings up a window called "Movie
> Properties".  But this is all about the flash wrapper, not about the
> movie.  There is, indeed, no info about the movie (like what format
> it's in, what codecs it uses, what its URL is, or how long it is).

'Movie' is supposed to mean SWF here. Perhaps there could be a better title 
(SWF properties, for instance), though whatever users think, it is fairly 
widely used terminology that a Flash Movie is the SWF and not just the video 
stream. The Movie Properties window is supposed to develop into a much more 
complete source of information about the movie (the task is assigned to me at 
the moment), including about video streams, sprites, characters etc.


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