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[Gnash-dev] inclusion of ffmpeg patch into Gnash 0.8.2 ?

From: Hong Yu
Subject: [Gnash-dev] inclusion of ffmpeg patch into Gnash 0.8.2 ?
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 19:15:16 +0800
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Hello all! We wonder if anyone has shown interest in our ffmpeg related Gnash-cvs modifications and been trying tests with YouTube, etc. Or any additional suggestions? By the way, our team in EmSoft has started porting Gnash with ffmpeg to one ARM platform, and related product integration as well. Therefore, an official message about the ffmpeg inclusion into Gnash's release 0.8.2 would surely help our production process. Thanks.

Best regards,

Hong Yu

Hong Yu wrote:

Thanks for your suggestions! We have verified our modifications with new FFmpeg (newer than March 2007) and Gstreamer0.10, and both run satisfactorily as expected. Due to the long time-period spent on testing, this patch may not catch up with the most updated Gnash-cvs version.

The attached files:
[1] 'patch-diff.out' is the contextual diff result with Gnash-cvs source checked out on '2008-02-19 15:39 HKT' (with r.104 version of the file 'gnash/server/asobj/NetStreamFfmpeg.cpp') [2] 'ffmpegDir.tar.gz' contains the newly added directory 'gnash/libmedia/ffmpeg/' and programs inside. To apply, extract it outside the directory 'gnash/' [3] '' is our build script for ffmpeg option under 'gnash/' [4] '' is our build script for gst option under 'gnash/'

We look forward to your suggestions on further improvement.

Best regards,

Hong Yu

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