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[Gnash-dev] Playing SWF files with RTMP-flv-playback interacting with Ad

From: Dhananjoy Chutia
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Playing SWF files with RTMP-flv-playback interacting with Adobe Flash Media Server 3
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 10:20:13 +0530

    I have checked that Gnash is able to play SWF files which contains local flv-playback & http-flv-playback. But, I am unable to play SWF files which have RTMP-flv-playback that interact with Adobe Flash Media Server 3. The same SWF file can be played with Adobe Flash Player. The SWF file is created using Action Script 2.0 with Adobe Flash CS3 professional.

When I run gnash to play the SWF file which have rtmp-flv-playback with the following command is shows as follows:
$ gnash -vv simpleStreamingExample.swf


7545:3086186192] 09:25:22 SECURITY: Checking security of URL 'rtmp://'
7545:3086186192] 09:25:22 SECURITY: Load from host granted (default)
7545:3086186192] 09:25:22 DEBUG: Connection to movie: rtmp://
7545:3086186192] 09:25:22 ERROR: play: No URI handler was found for the provided URL. NetStream playback will not be possible! (url: rtmp:// Please make sure you  have a URL handling gstreamer plugin, such as gnomevfssrc, neonhttpsrc or souphttpsrc.


But, gnomevfssrc, is in gstreamer-plugins-base.i386, which is already installed.
Gstreamer  package is also installed with plugins, given as follows:

gstreamer.i386                                   0.10.15-1.fc8          installed
gstreamer-devel.i386                         0.10.15-1.fc8          installed
gstreamer-ffmpeg.i386                       0.10.4-1.fc8           installed
gstreamer-plugins-base.i386              0.10.14-6.fc8          installed
gstreamer-plugins-base-devel.i386    0.10.14-6.fc8          installed
gstreamer-plugins-good.i386              0.10.6-6.fc8           installed
gstreamer-plugins-pulse.i386              0.9.5-0.4.svn20070924. installed
gstreamer-python.i386                        0.10.8-2.fc8           installed
gstreamer-tools.i386                           0.10.15-1.fc8          installed

I am looking for a solution to play SWF files with RTMP-flv-playback support.

I will be happy enough for your valuable suggestions.

With regards

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