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Re: [Gnash-dev] Playing SWF files with RTMP-flv-playback interacting wit

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Playing SWF files with RTMP-flv-playback interacting with Adobe Flash Media Server 3
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 08:43:14 -0600
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Dhananjoy Chutia wrote:

So does that mean there is no RTMP support in GNASH yet.

No, not yet. The client side code currently lives in a standalone utility I haven't checked in yet.

But i do see some RTMP (rtmp.cpp + rtmp.h) files under "libnet" folder.
Are these not used by GNASH at all ?

Not yet, but Gnash will use these when the reverse engineering phase is done. Cygnal does use these files, and they're designed to be shared between cygnal and gnash.

Also, i am trying to understand how GNASH handles FLV playback. I have put
down my findings here, please let me know if these are correct.

Currently flv playback "youtube" style uses HTTP for transport, not RTMP. My RTMP hacking is mostly all done, so pretty soon the work to merge it into Gnash will start.

1. GNASH supports FLV Playback using GST + FFMPEG
2. Does it hand over the URL directly to GST ? No input stream handling in

No, Gnash handles it internally. gst/ffmpeg are only used for decoding, etc...

3. If 2 is true, then why do we need libnet/rtmp implemented in GNASH ?

Because there were no free RTMP libraries, and now there are. :-) Neither ffmpeg nor gst support RTMP.

4. Also i read some where that libCURL has been modified to support RTMP and
later the support has been moved in to GNASH.

Curl changed it's internal API, so my RTMP in curl code broke. Rather than fix it, I rewrote it to support the server side as well.

  Try this link, where I've been adding docs on RTMP:

        - rob -

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