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Re: [Gnash-dev] Compiler options for maximum performance

From: Benjamin Wolsey
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Compiler options for maximum performance
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 09:59:31 +0100

Am Sonntag, den 21.12.2008, 04:32 +0100 schrieb xiando:
> What configure options are ideal for getting maximum performance /
> usability out of gnash at this point in time?

> What recommendations do the gnash guru gang have on
> configuring/compiling gnash when building it for major distributions
> and/or just personal use for Average Joe?

There are default configure options (agg, gtk+kde, gstreamer) for a

The exception to that rule is gstreamer as a media handler, as ffmpeg
has (I think) better performance - certainly no worse - but isn't the
default because most distros won't distribute it for patent reasons.


Use Gnash, the GNU Flash Player!

Benjamin Wolsey, Software Developer -

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