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[Gnash-dev] Operational problem

From: Willy Gommel
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Operational problem
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 01:46:52 -0800
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Hi there! As a "Joe Average", I have run into a problem. Let me explain it:

I first realized that I was getting no sound via any Flash file about a month 
ago. At first I tried enlisting the tech support of Adobe, which proved 
ineffective. Now, I need to try you.

The problem is hardly an inoperative sound card. As I sit here typing this, I 
am hering the typical collection of clicks and music that usually accompanies 
my efforts. Nay, the failure is much more specialized. It seems to be only 
Flash files that are insisting on silence. At first I thought it waw 
somethnig in the Flash player itself which, of course, will not reinstall on 
my AMD64 machine. So one of their techs conveniently pointed me to a page 
where your own efforts are located -- so here I am!

The reason I am writing is that, despite my having your software installed,  I 
still am getting no sound from any flash file. This begins to sound like a 
misconfiguration of my own machine. The problem is that I have eliminated 
everything I can think of -- the mixer settings, the software, etc. Your 
softare installs and works, so far as I know -- at least the test file I have 
been using displays the silent video, as did the Adobe product.

So my question is simple: What might I have missed in, e.g., the kernel 
set-up? How can I get my sound card to actually deliver PCM sound to the 
speakers from a Flash file?

N.B.: I am running an Asus A8V E-SE motherboard with built-in sound 
facilities. I have two 1GB RAMs and two 250GB HDDs.

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can give me.

  .............................................................. Willy Gommel

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