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[Gnash-dev] Media handlers

From: Andrea Palmatè
Subject: [Gnash-dev] Media handlers
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 19:35:50 +0200

i'm compiling gnash to use ffmpeg as media handler and indeed i have:

        Building Cygnal media server disabled.
        Building the Flash debugger is disabled.
        Top level for cross compiling support files is: 
        Enabling security features:  localconnection
        Enabling hardware acceleration features: XVideo
        Enabling statistics collecting for:  cache
        GUI toolkits supported: aos4
        Renderers supported:  AGG
        Hardware Acceleration: XVideo
        Media handlers: ffmpeg 
        Using ahi for sound handling
        Using sysv mode for shared memory
        DocBook document processing disabled (default)

as output from configure and also when i run aos4-gnash -V i get:

Media handlers: ffmpeg

but if i try to load a file without -M i get

Error: Non-existent media handler  specified
                                                            ^^ two spaces

and if i run aos4-gnash without parameters, i get:

-M  --media < >

as media available. What's wrong?

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