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Re: [Gnash-dev] Flash on the Ipad

From: Piero Contezini
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] Flash on the Ipad
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 18:59:03 -0300

I think the same issue happened to me.

Your problem is while trying o use some external code from a dylib, inside the mobileplugin it says the library is not found?

If it is, you will need to use that i sent to you, but instead of @executable_path you will need to put the right variable. I will check it out later ok?

Enviado de meu iPhone

Em 09/08/2010, às 18:38, Ashley Reid <address@hidden> escreveu:


I have finally started putting something on the web (after taking a 2 week break). Here

There is a repository with the basic scripts and the standalone app. I will want to put the libraries up next and then all the special stuff I had to do to compile.

I am still trying to get the plugin to work correctly, but I have got some gnash code running there (mainly the static classes). However, I first need to learn a bit more about libtool I think to get it working fully.


On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 5:31 AM, Piero Contezini <address@hidden> wrote:

Glad someone did!

Hope my scripts and code helped you.

Enviado de meu iPhone

Em 24/07/2010, às 23:43, Ashley Reid <address@hidden> escreveu:

So flash on the iPad finally came into being :) Here is the video I tried zoomhenge.swf, but unfortunately I seem to be missing the codec (not properly linked or something).

I'll put my findings up on the wiki at some point.

Thanks for all the gnash code, good quality stuff!

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