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Re: [Gnash-dev] After upgrading to Firefox 24, YouTube videos never load

From: scott092707
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] After upgrading to Firefox 24, YouTube videos never load
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2013 20:33:46 -0500 (EST)

I have now upgraded to Lubuntu 13.10, hoping that the problem would mysteriously disappear, but no luck.

I bring up the youtube page, and the picture shortly appears in the video frame, with the play button superimposed.  So far, there is nothing new in the directory that gnash stores its "videoplayback__" files.
Click on button.
The loading symbol (a series of dots, circling) appears, and never stops.
The time count remains at 0:00, and there never is a grey line (buffer?) or a red (playing) line.
Gnash has created the
videoplayback file, but it is very small (ex. 4.5 KB), and it never increases in size.

It appears to be waiting for something to happen.
Could it be that some permission is expected, and is not given?
Could it be that somehow AppArmor is blocking something?
What SHOULD be happening, behind the scenes while it shows the
circling dots?


P.S. [These may be two different issues.]
I have again tried to invoke gnash from the terminal, and got a different response, but failure, nonetheless.
Are we sure that the right format for the URL is :
where the youtube page is:
"" ; ???

address@hidden:~$ gnash  -v -M ffmpeg
5905:1] 114 SECURITY: Checking security of URL '';
5905:1] 114 SECURITY: Load from host granted (default)
5905:1] 555 ERROR: HTTP response 404 from URL
5905:1] 555 ERROR: Can't read file header
5905:1] 555 ERROR: Unknown file type
5905:1] 558 ERROR: Couldn't load library movie '';
Could not load movie '';
Error: Could not load movie!

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