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Re: [gNewSense-users] How to voluntarily follow gNewSense / FSF guidelin

From: Brian Greer
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] How to voluntarily follow gNewSense / FSF guidelines on my Ubuntu Apple PPC?
Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 00:41:41 -0700
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Karl Goetz wrote:
I run Etch on my Apple(s) here.

The only major thing I had to do with Etch was to run dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config and say "NO" to bitmap fonts, and for the most part, all was well.

However some free drivers contain non-free code (iirc our ATI driver, or

Oh man, I have to know about NV. If it isn't truly free then I'm off to pay for a card and support a vendor that will do my gNewSense desktop box justice.

Remember gNS is about providing a free system. not a 'freeish' system ;)

Looks like the Apple is out then, or at least I'll just try to make it as free as possible as a personal project. I'll choose more wisely next time.

I decided not to bother with 2.x because upstream (ubuntu) no longer
offically support PPC, so any problems would be our problem

Here's the secret about official ppc support: You can still get it, right up to Intrepid, but you have to know where they have hidden it.

It only means that you can't buy a support contract for it, bugs in the latest releases won't hold up the release of the official architecture releases, the repos have been removed from the mirrors, but are available at a single new repo site.

You can still get the ppc live-cd, alternate, and server versions right up to the daily Intrepid for ppc releases in the * ports * directory of cdimage(dot)ubuntu(dot)com. They just don't mention this on the "official" corporate download site. Otherwise, the devs are still cranking out releases, and I was surprised that they have kept so up to date with their release timing. Hardy 8.04 LTS works a treat on my G5 iMac. So in the end, the loss of official support a few years ago really didn't affect me at all. Good news for Sparc, and other architectures too in the ports directory. Of course they could drop it completely tomorrow, but so far so good!

If you decide to pursue gNS on Apple again, I'll be glad to help in any way. And if something like wireless or ethernet isn't supported, then I'm off to find a truly free alternative for it even if that means hanging something off a usb port.

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