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--sendsms fails on T68

From: Trevor Hawkins
Subject: --sendsms fails on T68
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 14:13:46 -0700


When running "gnokii --sendsms" on my Sony Ericsson T68 over an rfcomm
link in AT mode, I get "+CMS ERROR: 500" unknown error every time.  The
attached file contains the full output in debug mode.

When I run --sendsms on my 6310i, also over Bluetooth in AT mode, it
works perfectly.  So, I took the data that gnokii sends to the 6310i (in
the +CMGS cmd) and manually sent it to the T68, by using the +CMGS
command in minicom -- and this works perfectly:


> 07917150979603F011000B916140565790F90000AA0CF4F29C0E6A97E7F3F0B90C^Z
+CMGS: 192

In other words, the T68 will send SMS messages fine, but only if I use
minicom to manually enter the +CMGS data that gnokii creates for the
6310i.  The PDU strings gnokii creates are different, at the beginning. 
For example, with text "test message" and my number/SMSC, the 6310

whereas the T68, with the exact same text/destination/SMSC will send:

and they both have the same length (AT+CMGS=25 for both), even though
the one string is shorter.  This was all done with the phones using the
same SIM card and SMSC.  Note that "--savesms" works perfectly fine on
the T68.

I started going through the gnokii code but I don't really understand
the SMS data format and didn't see anything obvious.  I have a suspicion
that it is related to the SMSC representation on the T68, as this looked
to be the only thing grabbed from the phone in atgen.c?

Anyways, if anyone can help me get the T68 sending from gnokii that
would be hugely appreciated.  Thanks in advance and thanks for the
wonderful program.


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