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6310i and Bluetooth: SOLVED

From: Dimitris Stasinopoulos
Subject: 6310i and Bluetooth: SOLVED
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 11:00:07 +0300
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In a previous mail, I said I had some problems using my 6310i with 
Bluetooth in FBUS mode and gnokii. When using 0.5.0rc3, the phone would 
reset itself (wrong octets/id and broken Nokia firmware), and when using 
0.5.0rc4, the connection would time out (no reaction on the phone or the 
USB dongle LEDs). So, I assumed it must be either a bluez stack problem 
or a gnokii rc3->rc4+ problem. I copied files fbus.c, fbus-phonet.c, 
fbus-phonet.h and nk6510.c from rc4 to rc3 (back porting :-)) and yes! It 
worked...I suspect there is a problem in the bluetooth layer init code 
somewhere, in versions rc4+. The problem exists in 0.5.2 too, so it would 
be nice of we could sort this problem... Pawel/Marcel: If you need any 
additional info, please contact me.


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