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RE: 7650?

From: Stasinopoulos Dimitris
Subject: RE: 7650?
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 12:47:52 +0300

On Saturday, July 26, 2003 11:49 AM, Herbert Demmel wrote:

> Obex / Symbian is a rather file I/O based thing, so I assume there
will be 
> no major problem to read / write the phone book file (in fact the
> book is a file laying on the 7650) and other things like pictures.

Ok, that is rather pleasant news. Thanks.

> But I assume it will be very, very difficult to e.g. let the 7650 send
an SMS. 
> And I do not know ANY program which is capable to do this (Nokia's PC
> for the 7650 only supports file I/O transfers) so there is no
possibilty to 
> spy into an application's traffic. I know that there is a commercial 
> program in the stores for the 7650 and this program has a very
> approach: They upload a small application to the phone and this
> does the communication with the PC program and controls the 7650 as
well (I 
> think sending a SMS via the local program on the 7650 can be done
> easy as these things seem to be documented).

While this indeed is a rather "different" approach, it doesn't mean that
we should
exclude it all together. I don't know what the gnokii developers have to
sat about
this, but I personally think that we should first concentrate on the
basic stuff (like
identifying the phone, getting the signal/battery info, etc, and then
SMS messages, calendar, todo, in that order.

> So I assume it will be very much work to make the 7650 working. This
is the 
> reason why I did not start with this work for my program although it 
> supports 40 different Nokia phones. My estimation was about a 1/2 man
> work and this was too much.

The way I see it is that we (I) don't have any other choice. If that's
the only way, then
so be it.

> Please do not understand me in the wrong way: I do NOT want you to 
> demotivate, but you should see the problems which can arrive before
> start the work.
> From now on I will shut up and not disturbe your discussions anymore.
> Herbert 

Don't worry - we don't :-)  All the provided info was very helpful, and
I'd like to personally
thank you for it. If you feel you can provide any additional
information, without "giving away"
your intellectual property, please do so.


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