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Re: 7650?

From: Dimitris Stasinopoulos
Subject: Re: 7650?
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 19:45:51 +0300
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On Friday 25 July 2003 17:37, Pawel Kot wrote:
> It seems that we will need a new driver using OBEX protocol. So the
> first task would be to do a reseach if there's in fact no other
> possibility
> to access the phone.
> If there's really no other chance we should start to implement an obex
> driver (I think with an analogy to AT driver).
> And we will definitely NOT implement OBEX on our own but use some
> existing libraries.
> pkot

Sounds reasonable. The current Series60 phones use the Symbian OS, version 
6.1. Since the Symbian coallition is "friendly" towards releasing the 
specs, APIs, etc, it shouldn't be too hard finding this out. I suspect 
that they indeed only use OBEX for the necessary transfers, either IrOBEX 
or OBEX-over-Bluetooth. Perhaps Marcel can enlighten us here?

If OBEX is indeed the required solution, OpenOBEX sounds reasonably stable 
to use... What do the other gnokii developers think?


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