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setting logo fails in xgnokii (6310i + bluetooth)

From: Stephan Paukner
Subject: setting logo fails in xgnokii (6310i + bluetooth)
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 07:23:18 +0200

Dear gnokii-users,

There seems to be a bug in gnokii-0.5.2 when using the Nokia 6310i via
bluetooth (here: Belkin F8T003 USB-adaptor)

You can't set the operator logo (and maybe other logos, too - didn't
check it) via the GUI xgnokii - the image will be completely broken.
Receiving the logo via GUI does work (you will receive the broken image

It only works from the commandline:
  gnokii --setlogo op FILENAME NETWORK-NUMBER
will set the logo in the correct way.



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