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Gnokii starts supporting symbian phones

From: BORBELY Zoltan
Subject: Gnokii starts supporting symbian phones
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 21:53:34 +0200
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After four months of development the pre-pre alpha :-) version of the
symbian phone support has been committed into the cvs. Modern phones
(e.g. Nokia 7650/3650/6600, Siemens SX1, Sony-Ericsson P800/P900, etc)
are based on the Symbian OS, so we can support a lot more phones than

We evaluated every possibility and we decided a client-server model
would be the best solution. There is a server application (called
gnapplet) which will run on the phone. The client is implemented as
a phone driver in gnokii. This solution gives us the best flexibility
and power, because both sides are in our hands.

You can find the gnapplet source in the cvs (it's licensed under the
GNU GPL), but compiling it is quite tricky. You have to download the
symbian sdk to compile. If you are a *nix user, you can take a look
into gnupoc ( Setting up the development
environment isn't an easy thing, so I'll provide an up-to-date binary,
you can download it from the following location:

If you install the .sis file into your phone, you will find it in the
c:\system\Apps\gnapplet directory, but you cannot find it in the
menu. If you want to start it, you have to use some kind of a file
manager. I use File Explorer (

Symbian support is a moving target, so if you want to try it, you
have to use the latest gnapplet, and cvs gnokii. Please read the
INSTALL file first before you compile the cvs version. After you
install the latest gnokii, you can set the following in your

* bluetooth connection
    port = _bluetooth_address_
    rfcomm_channel = 14
    model = series60
    connection = bluetooth

* IrDA connection
    port = /dev/ircomm0
    model = series60
    connection = serial

Start gnapplet.exe (you can use the file explorer) and run gnokii. The
cvs version supports the following things:
* identify almost working
* basic phonebook management (read, write, delete), but doesn't support
  all of the properties
* you can get or delete the call log: use MC, DC or RC memory types

You have 30 seconds to connect to the phone. If the timeout occurs or
gnokii disconnects, the application will terminate (currently with an
error message). If gnokii isn't working properly, please send us the
error code too.

I have only a Nokia 3650 phone. If you can test it on another platforms,
please let us know. If you find any problem, please send the report to
the mailing list.

Good luck,

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