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Re: Nokia 7210

From: Jorge Van Hemelryck
Subject: Re: Nokia 7210
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 19:47:24 +0200

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004 17:55:07 +0100
Kieran Benton wrote:

> Hi everybody! I'm reasonably new to the list and trying to build a
> similar implementation to Gnokii on the .NET/MONO platform (for my
> university final year project). So far I'm attempting to build on the
> 7110 docs with Gnokii and serial sniffer traces whilst running Oxygen
> Phone Manager.
> I'm having some luck but am proceeding slowly as the 7210 appears to
> differ significantly, also I'm not entirely sure I'm interpretting the
> docs right, what do the first bytes of the messages listed (e.g.
> 0x01EE) map to? Two bytes, 0x01 and 0xEE? Its probably me being
> stupid! :)
> Also has anyone done anything similar and would like to collaborate?
> Many thanks,
> Kieran

Try with the 6610, I think they're pretty much the same (the 7110 is quite
different, I know, I own a 6610 and a 7110)...

Jorge Van Hemelryck

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