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Gnocky 0.0.2

From: Igor Popik
Subject: Gnocky 0.0.2
Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 20:50:07 +0200


Well, it is still in early stage of developement it is getting more
usable with every release (I hope) :-)


or from gnokii FTP:


- SMS list leak fixed (THrull)
- UTF encoding of sender name in sms view (THrull)
- thread sync when exiting application (THrull)
- sms msgs are now converted to UTF-8 (THrull)
- phone list button is now active in new sms dialog (THrull)
- added italian translation (piero)
- automatically enable/disable buttons and views when phone is (not)
  connected (THrull)
- pixmap for Nokia 3510i added (piero)
- logos view will not be enabled with AT phones (THrull)
- added phonebook list dialog in new sms dialog (THrull)
- fixed thread X sync error (THrull)

Feel free to test it and send bug reports/patches/etc.


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