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6160 noob

From: Marc Williams
Subject: 6160 noob
Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 20:24:20 -0500

I'm having problems getting to first base with Gnokii and my ancient
6160.  Maybe I'm missing something obvious and someone can help me spot
it.  This is the problem.

address@hidden etc]# gnokii --identify
GNOKII Version 0.6.1
Telephone interface init failed: Command timed out.

According to seteserial, both my comm ports are working fine.  I've
tried both ports with gnokii.  I use the dau9p cable.  I have left my
gnokiirc file as default except for:
port = /dev/ttyS1 (I adjust depending on which comm port I use)
model = 6160
serial_baudrate = 115200

I have tried setting connection=dau9p without luck.

Any suggestions welcome.  Please!

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