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Solved! (was: Re: divert error extended messages)

From: Oliver Rath
Subject: Solved! (was: Re: divert error extended messages)
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 14:08:07 +0100
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Hi Bozo,

echo 'MDDDDMMMDM08912345678M' | gnokii --keysequence
Thats principially ok, but for this way I have to know the number of digits from the old number :-/.

BTW you can use your previous solution too, just finish it with G (green
button - dial).
Oh yeah! This runs great!! :-)))

echo '*21*08912345678#G' | gnokii --keysequence

does exactly what I want! So it is not essentially necessary to use the divert command.

Thank you so much!


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