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Re: Persistent gnapplet connection

From: Matthew Kay
Subject: Re: Persistent gnapplet connection
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 22:40:02 +0100

Thanks for the .sis file and CVS advice, much appreciated.

> Infinite timeout isn't possible, but you can
> try to set it high enough. The internal representation is usec stored
> in an int32, so the maximal value is about 2147 sec (35 minutes).

That's cool. However, (and I'm sorry if I'm starting to be a real pain
at this point) that's not really what I had in mind - I was thinking
that gnapplet could stay open on the phone semi-permanently. Imagine
being able to cron a backup of your phone book and calendar (or a
synchronisation with evolution, say, once someone writes a gnokii plugin
for opensync) without having to fiddle around with your phone, opening
gnapplet, in order to make the connection possible.

I appreciate that rewriting the code for an infinite timeout may be very
tricky and a waste of time. Perhaps there is no way - is it not possible
to change the units from usecs to msecs, then the maximum timeout would
be 596 hours? [(2^32) / 2 / 1000 / 60 / 60]

That would mean that a nightly backup would be enough to wake the phone
up again.

My overall point is that it would be really nice to interact with the
Series 60 phones as if they didn't have this extra server-client
business going on - then the possibilities for automating
synchronisation and things like that become much improved.

Anyhow, sorry if I am asking the impossible or being naive - just
thought I would share my point of view. And I do appreciate all the work
you've done on gnokii - it's still great!

Best wishes,

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