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Re: Persistent gnapplet connection

From: Matthew Kay
Subject: Re: Persistent gnapplet connection
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 14:22:50 +0100

> This is the limitation of the RTimer object, but I managed to create
> a small workaround. If you specify -1 to the values of the timeout
> parameters, it will disable that timeout.

You're a legend - thankyou! That's perfect.

> The series60 phones support SyncML (or you can download the SyncML
> application), so you can try any SyncML capable client.

This is true. However, the more recent Series 60 phones (6600 onwards)
have restrictions which make it difficult to set up a TCP/IP connection
between a PC and the phone over bluetooth, as I understand it. Lots of
fiddling i=around is required, including setting up GNUBOX for the
phone, an application designed to get round this problem. 

Nokia keep throwing spanners into the works as far as this goes - for
example, the Gnubox authors have had to rewrite it for the 6600, then
the 7610/6670, then the 6630 which has a whole lot of networking stuff
disabled apparently. Another problem is that the main syncing
application, Multisync, is currently in transition, as Armin et al.
create the superior Opensync, which shows great promise. The SyncML
plugin, however, is not quite finished at time of writing.

So, the server/client approach is actually really good - it gets you
round the problem of Nokia changing the configuration of successive
phones. Gnokii is at the moment a good basis for an Opensync plugin,
since it synchronises all the important stuff. Birthday and associated
picture would be nice, but it already does so much.

Many thanks for all your help,

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