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Re: Solaris and

From: darren . chew
Subject: Re: Solaris and
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 01:36:56 +1000
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Hi Pawel,

config.log attached as requested.

GNU make is provided in a default install of Solaris 10, but GNU find is not.
Auto conf/make are also not included. I don't know how to change those lines of
code, so I will compile without X for the moment.

Thanks for your help and speedy response. I hope you find the information
provided useful for improving gnokii on Solaris.



Quoting Pawel Kot <address@hidden>:


2005/8/19, address@hidden <address@hidden>:
Thanks Pawel. is attached re: error.

Can you provide also config.log?

I found a way to compile Gnokii without getting the error. That was
to use the --disable-nls flag. However, gmake install produces errors to do
with the find command. I suspect it is because the find command included in
Solaris 10 is not GNU find.

Yes, we need GNU find to do the job.

Is there a way around this without installing GNU find? This would mean that
Gnokii can be installed on a default (full) install of Solaris 10 without the
need to add any additional software... and that would be great.

Is GNU make provided within a default Solaris 10 install and GNU find
isn't? I think we require also some autotools...

I have also found that if I use both --disable-nls and --without-x flags, I am
able to successfully install Gnokii. It appears that the find error is only
produced if Gnokii is compiled with X support.


  /usr/bin/find . -type d \! -path "*CVS*" \
       -exec /tmp/gnokii-0.6.8/config/install-sh -c -d
/opt/gnokii/share/xgnokii/help/{} \; ; \
  /usr/bin/find . -type f \! -path "*CVS*" \
       -exec /tmp/gnokii-0.6.8/config/install-sh -c -m 644 {}
/opt/gnokii/share/xgnokii/help/{} \; \

If you are able to reqrute these lines to do the job without find,
that would be it.

take care,
Pawel Kot

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