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Re: Uploading Java apps / File System Layout on 6230i

From: Matthias Ringwald
Subject: Re: Uploading Java apps / File System Layout on 6230i
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 12:00:15 +0100

Hi Pawel,

thanks for your info.
So, to put a java app on the phone, it will have to be done using IDs.
Such a command "putfilebyid" is not in the sources so far.

Do you or anyone else has links on the details of upload a file by ID?
In the Docs/ folder, I couln't find detailed information about that.

Another thing: Even if filename support is dropped, the files accessible
there should be reachable via IDs, still. For example the file
A:\predefhiddenfolder\SuiteConf.xml is quite interesting. It reveals
all kind of details about the phone. Particularly it says that
the path for java apps is "\predefjava\..."

The getfileid command gives me some very high number, for the SuiteCon.xml
it is 00 00 10 00 01 8f
I do understand that this should be an ID and assumed it to be big- endian. So it translates to a very high number. Using getfilebyid ThisBigNumber didn't
work. I'll have a look at the generates frames later.


Well, the phone filesystem is different than memory card filesystem

--getfiledetailsbyid and --getfilelist are completly unrelated. At the
first sight it looked that you can have supported either one way of
accessing the filesystem, not both. Your case shows that it was untrue

I  think there is no way to get path from the --getfiledetailsbyid
command. I think the filename support was dropped by Nokia completly
it was rather silly idea and in fact access to the filesystem was done
by file ids. There were just functions translating paths to ids.

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