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Connect Nokia 8210 with USB IrDA Dongle

From: Angelo Chu
Subject: Connect Nokia 8210 with USB IrDA Dongle
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2006 12:10:05 +0800

Dear all,

Hello everyone!Long story short.I have a Nokia 8210 mobile phone and want to communicate with my desktop's IRDA USB Dongle without success.

My IRDA USB Dongle was detected as a device of USB,but no device name was assigned to it.I have compiled necessary modules,like irda-usb,irda-comm and such into the kernel ( my questions are as follows:

1.Do you guys have any successful experience of connecting Nokia 8210 with USB IrDA dongle?And how?
2.Is there any IrDA USB Dongle in the market which is supported by Linux?

Thanks for your concern.

Best regards,
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