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gnokii and the iPod

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: gnokii and the iPod
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 14:58:17 +0100
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The iPod Nano (and other iPods) can show contacts in VCF format if you put each vcard in a separate file in /mnt/ipod/Contacts/

What about adding an option to --getphonebook to save contacts in separate files? This way you just need to mount the iPod and use gnokii, no other program would be needed to sync the contacts.

I admit that people usually don't buy iPod's to carry around their phonebooks :-)

The idea is that you give a base-name (with possibly a path) and gnokii creates
AFAIK the name is not important and one can use a different base-name for SM and ME phonebook if MT is not supported.

The format output by gnokii is compatible except that the iPod has 4 type of numbers (this may depend on firmware revision):

tel;type=home:<<<home phone>>>
tel;type=work:<<<work phone>>>
tel;type=cell:<<<cell phone>>>
tel;type=fax:<<<fax number>>>

all othe types are displayed as "work"; this is the case when your phone has the simple phonebook with a single number that gnokii prints as TEL;VOICE:

There might be issues with char encodings. I see that in gtkpod (which prompted me to experiment) they use iconv for the encoding and an awk script to split the vcards in but it doens't like the ldif made by gnokii becasue it needs familyname.


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