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Re: --putfilebyid?

From: Jari Turkia
Subject: Re: --putfilebyid?
Date: Mon, 15 May 2006 10:39:44 +0300
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Pawel Kot wrote:
Those look like deep internals of GSM to me.

But they also specify the format. I haven't look at MMS but they
definitely specify the SMS format (SMS header, SMS PDU, SMS
compression, ...)

But in the end, MMS is something on top of SMS / Wap-Push? I don't think the deep internals for SMS PDU are required here.
How can I send binary SMSes with Gnokii? Is it possible to read the
input from a file?

Well, libgnokii allows it but gnokii or xgnokii do not. You would need
to program it (well, ringtones logos are supported out of the box)

Well, I'll look into that.

Jari Turkia

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