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Can I change the SMS sender number to a string

From: Ajay Pal Singh Atwal
Subject: Can I change the SMS sender number to a string
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 20:25:34 +0530 (IST)

Hi List

When sending sms using gnokii can I change the SMS sender number to a string. 
Lets say in place of my mobile number some string is displayed as sender of 
that SMS to the receiver of the message.

I am using Nokia 3310 using a serial cable on gnokii 0.6.12.

I also faced the following problems:

Unable to get complete message center number, only last digit of sms message 
center is displayed, but specifying the sms center number on command line 
works. I read some where in list this is fixed in cvs version of gnokii.

Another problem i faced is when reading sms only last digit of the sender phone 
number is displayed.


Ajay Pal Singh Atwal
Dept of CSE & IT
BBSBEC, Fatehgarh Sahib
Punjab, INDIA

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