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gnokii - bluetooth not recognised?

From: kioopi
Subject: gnokii - bluetooth not recognised?
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 04:06:14 -0700 (PDT)


i'm trying to run gnokii on a Fedora 5 machine.  I've got bluez installed
and i am actualy able to pair my Nokia N70 with the Laptop over rfcomm. 
After pairing i am unable to use gnokii with the phone.

I've edited gnokiirc  and set rfcomm_channel = 14 and port correctly and
model = Symbian.  
It's possible to pair up the Phone over rfcomm using any channel but 14.
When i try to use channel 14 i get a "Connection refused" error.
The gnapplet.ini sets the rfcomm_channel to 14.

When i execute ./configure for gnokii, i get a note telling me that gnokii
can't find my bluetooth-libraries.  ( Bluetooth:      no )
I've started bluetooth before running configure.  

Any hints are very appreciated.

Best Regards.

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