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smsd does not work with greek characters

From: Nick
Subject: smsd does not work with greek characters
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 17:30:34 +0300


I have gnokii 0.6.13 instaled on centos 3.3 from tarball
I cant manage to install from cvs, to many errors.

I have set enviroment locace LANG LC_ALL to el_GR.
I have enabled NSL
I can send greek messages from gnokii comand line or with mail2sms, it works fine

But with smsd it never works , file and myslq module
I have tried several encodings in database,
but i thing it has not to do with database encoding
it has to do with the way smsd sends the messages to gnokii
(file module wont work eather)

All greek characters are translated to ?????

I have read the archives , some posts about chinese characters with the same problem
but there was no solution.

Is  there a fix, or any alternative to smsd available?

Any help will be apreciated

Thank you

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