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Re: Receiving calls

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Receiving calls
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 00:20:21 +0200
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Mattia Martinello wrote:

I own a Siemens TC35i GPRS modem which works on a serial port.
There is a way to make some actions when I receive a call (without answer) from this modem?

IF it supports AT#CID=1 then you don't need gnokii to handle the caller id and you can use any program that works with ordinary modems; you can try that in minicom

Is there a way to make this with Gnokii?

you could pipe and parse the output of gnokii --monitor

more easily, I've written a small program that just waits for a call and prints the caller id; you can find it in the CVS and in the next release of gnokii as utils/waitcall but I think that right now it doesn't work with your modem because I just tried it with a Nokia 8310 in AT mode and it does NOT get the call notification, while gnokii --monitor gets it but without the caller number (I see that AT+CLIP is not sent by the driver)

if your GPRS modem supports the following commands in minicom, then chances are that you can use utils/waitcall once I dig into this at+clip issue

then I call it and I get

+CLIP: "+393<omitted>",145


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