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Connecting to Nokia 3650 and 6600 under win32

From: Geoff Shang
Subject: Connecting to Nokia 3650 and 6600 under win32
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 12:01:31 +1000 (EST)


I know it's bad form to jump onto a mailing list and immediately ask questions, so apologies in advance. I did search the archives though, but didn't find anything that looked helpful.

My problem:

I have two phones, a Nokia 3650 and a Nokia 6600. Both contain 250+ text messages which are needed as evidence. I could only get one of them to connect to its PC Suite software, and even then, the only option for dealing with text messages is to backup the whole phone, which pulls them over in a format that's not plain text. I may be able to figure that format out, but it's not immediately useful to me.

Using Gnapplet:

I thought of using Gnapplet and accessing the information that way, but I've hit what I think are a few problems, so I want to confirm that my thinking is correct.

1. Bluetooth. Am I right in thinking there's no direct bluetooth support for Windows? This computer has the Windows XP Bluetooth driver, so I can set up com ports etc, but I don't see any way to setting up one for channel 14, so unless Gnokii can address the Bluetooth stack more directly, I don't see this is a viable option.

2. Infrared. The notes in the ReadMe.win32 file seem to suggest that if I want to use infrared, I need to compile from source. Is this correct? I don't currently have a development environment on either win32 machine I've got access to here, but I'll go that way if I have to.

Using AT commands:

Having not figured out how to connect to Gnapplet, I decided to try the less favourable AT route.

1. Infrared. Using AT commands over IR would seem in my opinion, to have the same limitations that trying to use Gnapplet over IR would have.

2. Bluetooth. I actually made a bit of headway with this, but I hit some trouble at the last hurdle.

First, it took me a bit to figure out that I needed to use the DUN port on my phone, not the Bluetooth Serial Port port. For anyone else wanting to do this under Windows, I first had to go into the Bluetooth Devices item in Control Panel, go into the Properties of the phone I wanted to connect to, click the Services tab and check Dialup Networking. Then I had to go to the Phones and Modems item in Control Panel to find out which com port had been assigned to the DUN service.

Again, if I could specify the BD address of the phone directly rather than going through a comport abstraction layer, this bit could be skipped.

I was able to get the phone to identify and I even managed to find messages on the SIM card which I didn't know were there. But trying to get text messages from the phone memory fails.

The command I used was:

gnokii --getsms ME 1

and the error I got was:

GetSMS ME 1 failed! (Unknown error - well better than nothing!!)

The AT command which seems to cause trouble is:


And Gnokii whinges if I try types of IN, OU, etc.


I don't think I can use Gnapplet under Windows. Is this true? If not, and I can't use IR either, have I gone as far as I can go with these phones? Is there any further I can go under win32 or should I wait a few days until I can try from my Linux box at home? Note that getting these messages now is preferable to waiting.

Any help anyone can provide on the above would be very helpful. I've spent a day reading all the documentation I can find, so apologies if I've missed something obvious.


Geoff Shang <address@hidden>
Phone: +61-418-96-5590
MSN: address@hidden

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