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Re: Synchronize with nokia 6230i

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Synchronize with nokia 6230i
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 15:54:03 +0100
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Luca Bedogni wrote:

> > > * send all notes from many local files to the cell phone
> >
> > I guess it could be done implementing the "end" keyword in
> > --writecalendarnote
> Yes i think so. I think it would be a nice feature isn't it?

nice indeed, but easier said than done:
I looked at the functions that parse vCalendar files and they always read a 
file until EOF ignoring the notes not at the given "location"; changing this 
behaviour is not trivial, but making a little app that sends many files to 
libgnokii on your behalf IS trivial if you split files containing more than 
one event (using csplit from coreutils or a Perl script, BTW I think I saw a 
script written by you to convert vcards created by gnokii into CSV, IIRC, but 
I can't find it right now, can you point me to that?).

So I wrote such small app that accepts many file names on its command line:

vcal2gnokii --calendar|--todo {list of file names}

Compatibilty with gnokii should be 100%, ie you should be able to write all 
the notes you can write with gnokii, because it uses the same functions 
that gnokii uses for --writecalendarnote and --writetodo

I could only test the calendar part with a Nokia 3330, so if you or someone 
else is interested in testing this app, especially with todos, just mail me. 
If it works I will put it on my site.


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