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Re: 6230 bluetooth over dku2

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: 6230 bluetooth over dku2
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007 16:08:27 +0100


On 1/18/07, michie86 <address@hidden> wrote:

hello.. i just installed gnokii 0.6.14 on ubuntu 6.06 and i'm wondering which
connection to use or should i say which is better? dku2 or a bluetooth
dongle? (i also havn't tested yet if my installation was that successfull
because i still have no kind of connection at the moment)  i currently have
a dku2 cable at hand but is is true that there are some functionalities
which do not work when using dku2 such as smsreader? how about when using
bluetooth? also, can somebody tell me in details how to make a dku2 cable
work with gnokii, ubuntu and nokia 6230? i've read about patches but i think
i'm lost. i don't know what to do with them and how. also a detailed one for
bluetooth connection like do's and dont's? thank you.. by the way, i need
the smsreader functionality ;)

I would recommend bluetooth connection. There are some benefits and
some drawback using it:
- support for bluetooth connection is definitely much better and much
better tested
- you may get unsupported DKU2 cable by noname vendor (it may be also
true for bluetooth dongle)
- DKU2 is supported just with Linux and Windows environments (there
was attempt to use libusb on FBSD but AFAIR unsuccessful)
- with DKU2 you are still plugged; with wireless (not counting irda)
it is much more convinient to use
- you cannot use bluetooth headphones in parallel to gnokii bluetooth
connection (I belive you could download phonebook over dku2 while
talking through bluetooth headphones)

take care,
Pawel Kot

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