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Re: Nokia 6020 over IrDA on WinXP - Couldn't open PHONET device: No erro

From: Mike
Subject: Re: Nokia 6020 over IrDA on WinXP - Couldn't open PHONET device: No error
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2007 19:51:47 +0200
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Jari Turkia schrieb:
> Mike wrote:
>> 1. I tried all from com1 to com9.
> Great!
>> 2. I did the Hyperterminal-trial. On my Notebook using COM3: it says
>> "OK" as answer to "AT". Other COMs do not respond. The complete list of
>> possible connections with Hyperterminal is:
>> - Creatix FaxModem,
>> - Nokia 6020 IrDa
>> - COM3
>> - COM1
>> - COM5
>> - TCP/IP(Winsock)
>> (By the way, using Nokia6020 IrDa I can ring up any phone number from
>> hyperterminal.)
> Actually I did ask you to type in ATI.
oops. Sorry, my fault, I missed the "I".

You can get most interesting
> results with ATI1 and ATI3 which should return your IMEI and model
> numbers respectively.
ATI* works fine. I get model info, revision and IMEI as responses.

> However, as Com3 is the only port responding and assuming you don't have
> another modem installed, that is your IrDA port. Your effort should be
> aimed towards that.
Thank you so far. But the problem remains:

either with the nightly version:
WSAStartup() failed.
Failed to initialize socket subsystem: need WINSOCK2.

or with the stable version:
Couldn't open PHONET device: No error

kind regards,

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