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Reading sms from nokia 6100 - bug ?

From: Faludi Gábor
Subject: Reading sms from nokia 6100 - bug ?
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 18:42:16 +0200


I managed to work out the code issue for reading sms via the API but i ran into a different issue that is there for all GNOKII even for the latest version. It seems that it isn't able to read the hungarian character set properly . The console is set to UTF8 and other stuff looks fine .

I tried with v.0.6.14 and the lastest version 20070413 and both have the same issue below.  characters like é,ó, őúűé have got the issue.

linux-2r39:~ # gnokii --getsms IN 1 4
GNOKII Version 20070413
 1. Inbox Message (read)
Date/time: 13/04/2007 12:55:33 +0100
Sender: +36304945862 Msg Center: +36309888000
R▒pa mogyoro ▒u▒i▒I▒U▒▒A

Any suggestion is welcome !



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