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Re: Reading sms from nokia 6100 - bug ?

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Reading sms from nokia 6100 - bug ?
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 23:24:27 +0200
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Faludi Gábor wrote:

> It seems that it isn't able to read the hungarian character set
> properly . The console is set to UTF8 and other stuff looks fine .

I don't know about your console, but when I change the encoding to UTF-8 from 
the menu in Konsole then I need to set LC_CTYPE in the environment (I always 
keep ISO-8859-1 though)

$ LC_CTYPE=hu_HU.UTF-8 gnokii --getsms SM 16
16. MO Message (unsent)
Date/time: 00/00/2000 00:00:00
Receiver: ******** Msg Center: ********
próba üzenet!


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