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best phone for smsd

From: Lukasz Michalski
Subject: best phone for smsd
Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 22:16:58 +0200
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Currently I am using smsd with 6310i phone for receiving messages in AT mode.
After two-three months of working phone starts to disconnect and I need to 
turn it off and on to make it work again. Second issue was that sms messages 
are stored twice in database (I've created unique index to prevent it in 
postgres database).

I am thinking about changing the phone to some model that will be more stable.

So I have question to experienced users of smsd: What model works for you?
I need to receive and send text SMS'es only. No calls, addressbook etc... I 
need this phone to be as stable as possible.

Regards and thanks for hints,

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